Playing Ball

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Last night I picked A up from daycare and made the last minute decision that we would go to Jason's softball game.  We hadn't been to one yet this summer, and the weather looked like it would hold out for the game (we have had rain just about every Monday afternoon this summer it seems).

We got to the park and walked to the field.

AB started to cheer on the team from the stands.  He is so funny that he quickly learns and memorizes people's names and heckles them from his seat.

He jumped for joy when there was a good play.

And cheered loudly for Daddy in the field.

Daddy came along to join us in the stands for a few minutes midway through the game.

Then took his turn at bat.

It was a nail biter at the end.  The other team was trying to make a comeback.

After the game ended, little AB got to go out in the field and have a little practice himself.

He even tried bunting the ball all on his own.

Overall a beautiful evening at the ball field watching the sun set on a warm evening of memories.

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