Day In The Life™ Photos + Words | March 2016

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I played along with Ali Edwards yesterday and captured our day in the life.  I only pulled out my iPhone, but would love to challenge myself sometime between April-June to do another day in the life with my dslr.


5:30 AM // My phone alarm went off softly and I hit snooze.  Anders was already snuggled between Jason and I since 4AM.  Slow morning feel.  I got up and crawled into Anders's empty bed to check my email, Instagram and Facebook accounts.  Typically I try to just get up and get going, but again, slow morning feel.

5:40 AM // Turn on our closet light to softly light the room so I can start getting ready.

5:43 AM // Check the weather as I try to decide what to wear.

5:54 AM // Anders wakes up, comes to me as I get ready.  He is sleepy.  He asks me to make him rice.  Very strange request.  I put him back in our bed and turn on The Lion Guard.

6:30 AM // I leave the house.  Stop at McDonald's for an iced coffee as I make my way to the train station.

7:00 AM // Catch the train to work.

7:22 AM // Walk into my messy office.

Day is full of meetings and working on my team's annual performance reviews.  Leftovers for lunch at my desk.  The day feels good.

3:30 PM // We leave the office early to go to a coworker's Goodbye Happy Hour.

5:00 PM // Catch the train home.

5:55 PM // Home starting dinner.  Going through the mail.  Reading about Anders's day at school on his daily recap.  He has a belly ache.

6:15 PM // Eating dinner.  Chicken and rice for him, chicken salads for us.

6:35 PM // Blue eats dinner too.

7:05 PM // Relaxing bath for me while I watch AYITM photo critique.

7:15 PM // Conversations on how we will cover the next day if Anders is sick.  His belly is still hurting.

7:30 PM // PJs on. Thirty mins of the Lego movie in our bed. Fluids.

8:15 PM // Lights out early.  I'm exhausted tonight.

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