What Does a Ghost Say?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Tis the season of Boo!  I had the best intentions this year of going to a pumpkin patch, or to a harvest party, or even just the nearby farm to pick up our pumpkin.  But sometimes, Trader Joe's is just the place where you snag your pumpkin for the year.

We picked a smaller round one for our first time carving a pumpkin since our little Pumpkin was born.  We weren't sure how excited he would be to cover himself in orange goop, but he stayed pretty engaged for almost the entire carving experience.

Thankfully Jason did most of the dirty work by scooping out the insides, and I took over as the carver expert.  This year Jason wanted to toast the pumpkin seeds when we were finished.  They actually turned out pretty decent.  He mostly followed this recipe, and then added a little more seasoning like garlic salt and some cumin.

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