Trunk or Treat at School

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Last year we didn't volunteer.  This year, I knew I couldn't pass it up and my guess is the all the parents in the class felt the same because all the parents turned out for the event.  The preschool class puts on a Halloween parade as they trunk or treat in the bus loop.  Watching all of the little kids dressed in the costumes was so cute.  Our little guy still doesn't have a fond love for costumes so it is always a tough decision to pick something that doesn't involve too much for him.  This year he (or really we) picked Gru from Despicable Me.  Which really meant, a gray sweater, black pants, a black coat, a gray and black scarf and then the little dog crafted into this trick or treat bag.  At Trunk or Treat he didn't want to wear his scarf so he so sweetly pulled it along the bus loop as he went car to car whispering "Trick or Treat."

Being a working mom is tough though.  First, my car certainly wasn't the most decorated, as I quickly just pulled a few decorations from our front porch to throw on the car. (Although, I did rock it with handing out treat bags with a Halloween lacing card and stickers.)  Then after the event, A said to me, "Mommy, please don't leave me."  I told him he would have a great rest of the day playing with his friends and riding the bus, to which he responded with, "Will you ever come back for me again?"  Pull my heart out!  As I pulled away from the school and Jason called to see how the event went, I broke down in tears retelling the story.  My sweet boy.

Hoping to get a few photos that turn out well for Halloween night.

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