Throw Back Thursday

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Just one photo that I came across in an old email.  

This little boy certainly melts my heart.  I look at him today and my baby he will always be, but looking at the little boy in this photo, my heart is taken back to a different place, a different time.  I'm so proud of my sweet boy, and am continually amazed at his growth.  

But gosh, sometimes I wish this precious life had a rewind button even if just for 2 seconds.  I want to relieve those early moments with him.  I want to relieve the first weeks with him.  I want to relieve those first months.  Those first years.  Every moment is so quick, so beautiful, so full of life.  Take a breath, soak it in.  Enjoy this moment, this day, before is slips to be a moment frozen in the past.

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