On the Eve of Your Fourth Birthday

Friday, October 16, 2015

Tomorrow you turn four.  Another trip around the sun.

...I type, and then I delete...

How can words accurately express this past year...three was hard and three was wonderful.  Three was a year of growth for you and for us as a family.  This birthday feels different from the others.  This birthday feels like we are leaving behind some innocence.  But instead of mourning the "lasts" that we experienced this year as you have become less a baby and more a boy, I should be celebrating the next set of firsts.

You are my most wonderous creation.  My wildest adventure.  In you lives a thousand hopes and a million dreams. 

My most precious boy, always know you are loved.  Always know that we will celebrate with you and for you.  Tomorrow as you turn four, I ask that you look at me as you do daily and say, "Mommy, I just love you" and wrap your arms around my neck for a big squeeze, because my boy, I just want to be reminded of the joy that is in now as I recall those first moments in the darkened hospital in the wee hours of the morning as I snuggled you and whispered in your ear "Sweet boy, I just love you."

Happy Birthday to the most special little boy.

(Photos are from our recent trip to Dallas, making the switch to RAW has left me with a massive amount of editing to do, so hopefully a post shortly on that vacation.)

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