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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

In July our dear friends, the White Family, moved to Lantana, Texas.  We were so terribly sad to see them go as they are the friends you would choose to be your family.  We knew despite the miles, we would remain close and keep them even closer in our hearts.  

We had grand plans to make the trip full of adventure, however it started with us having to cut the trip one day short with Jason's new job, and then got kicked off with a nasty stomach bug that we so kindly left as a parting gift to our hosts.

However, despite the sickness, we had a great time just being with our friends.  We swam, we ate, we played, we talked, we experienced.

During our short trip we were thankfully able to get in some time at the pool, a frog hunt and turtle scouting session, a trip to the pumpkin patch, a drive for ice cream, a really great aquarium visit, and of course BBQ, tex-mex, and snow cones.

Only about five weeks until we can hug our friends again when they travel to CO for the Thanksgiving holiday in the mountains.

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