A few more from deep in the heart of Texas

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I snapped a ton of photos on my phone on this trip.

On Saturday we were at the airport before the sun broke over the plains.  I love how the airport feels quiet and sleepy at that hour.  We were able to get in lots of running on the people mover before we boarded the plane.

I mentioned we went on a frog hunt.  Boys with flash lights and nets.  Could it be any cuter?  My little guy is so brave, he didn't have a second thought about grabbing a frog from the grass.  Holding it by one leg, I of course freaked out, and am still hoping that the little guy was able to continue on jumping after my sweet boy dropped him in the grass.

 It was still hot in Texas, and we enjoyed some time at the pool.  However, those people don't heat their pools so we actually froze our bums off in the water.

The greatest ice cream shop with really unique flavors.  Little A couldn't get enough of my lavender and honey ice cream.

 Before we left for Texas, A kept telling us we were going to fly in an airplane up in the clouds to Texas where we would see Uncle Jer and the boys.  For the flight back we kept explaining we were going to go home to Colorado and Papa would pick us from the airport.  He was fascinated with watching the planes prepare for takeoff as we waited to board our own flight.

Such a great, great trip.  Next time, I know we will have even more fun and more adventures.

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