Sunday Pancakes

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Most mornings are pretty routine around here, even the weekends generally follow the same breakfast options.  Our little guy loves what he loves.  I asked him if he wanted to help me make some pancakes.  He dumped, poured, and stirred, while I cooked and flipped.

We made some really tasty chocolate chip pancakes, and after tasting one bite, he kindly requested his tried and true morning muffins instead.  At least if he didn't like the pancakes, he at least liked helping.


  1. Leslie, I am just finding your blog. I love all of your photos and how you have them documented here! I am playing catch up! 💜 Kellie Thorne

    1. Thanks Kellie for commenting. I really do love capturing these moments of childhood. I know you know so well how quickly little babies become young adults <3