Homecoming Parade

Thursday, September 24, 2015

There are days I wish we had a different house - a bigger garage, a full basement, a loft - but everyday I'm thankful for our neighborhood, our schools and the community that comes together in celebrations big and small.

For the last few years I've always realized the homecoming parade came and went by the crushed candy left on the street hours later.  This year, we lucked out and a client meeting was canceled last minute so I was able to leave work in time to get our little boy to the parade.

Loud settings, unfamiliar faces and the unexpected can be really tough for our boy, but not this time - he LOVED it at the parade.  He knew waved, he clapped, he gathered candy!

The photo side of capturing this event left me less than thrilled.  But you know what, sometimes that ok because really the photos can just be snapshots and the beauty of the memory can live in your heart instead of the frame.

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