Denver Zoo Saturday Adventure

Sunday, September 27, 2015

On Friday our little guy requested to go to the Zoo to see the "elephants with the trunks."  He was also very excited to ride the train, which unfortunately broke down so we couldn't ride it.  We settled for a ride on the carousel.

The Lego exhibit was on display, and since we didn't do the full zoo loop we only saw a few of the pieces.

We also for the first time fed the birds at the zoo.  For $2 you get a little cup of nectar and are able to let the birds come and drink from your cup.  I had been warned by a good friend that those little birds are pretty smart and aggressive in stealing the cup of food.  Thankfully our cup wasn't stolen until we are already at the exit.

It is so fun watching as little A gets more excited about the zoo and talking about the animals he is seeing.  He had a great time, and the early morning fall weather was perfect.

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