Parker Days 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I can see this annual tradition becoming more and more fun for our family.  Last year, we only wandered around and ate fair food, and this year, we added in the bounce house to the mix.  Next year, I think the little guy might be ready to test out a ride or two.

The one thing I think I need to document somewhere is the fair food is something we dream about the week leading up to the festival.  When you think about fresh lemonade and hot corn dogs and sweet funnel cakes and crispy fried potatoes, it all sounds so delightful, but really the food is a let down of grease, stickiness and stomach turning fullness.  Next year, we should skip the fair food and just enjoy the sites.

I loved hearing little A from the backseat as we drove to Parker Days tell us "We go to the fair now."  And as we pulled into the lot and could see the rides from afar he clapped his hands with delight and excitement.  He is such a sweet little guy.

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