A Trip to the Zoo

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I got a notice that my Frontier frequent flier miles were going to expire (probably because they are so terrible that I don't fly them anymore).  So, I cashed them in for a family membership at the Denver Zoo.

We finally made it over there a few weeks ago for the morning before the rains came.  Our little guy was so excited to ride the train, which is a huge win as last summer trains and him weren't on the best terms.  He cheered and waved as we circled the park and made train sounds.  

I'm hoping we can make it over there a few other times this summer and fall.

Parker Days 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I can see this annual tradition becoming more and more fun for our family.  Last year, we only wandered around and ate fair food, and this year, we added in the bounce house to the mix.  Next year, I think the little guy might be ready to test out a ride or two.

The one thing I think I need to document somewhere is the fair food is something we dream about the week leading up to the festival.  When you think about fresh lemonade and hot corn dogs and sweet funnel cakes and crispy fried potatoes, it all sounds so delightful, but really the food is a let down of grease, stickiness and stomach turning fullness.  Next year, we should skip the fair food and just enjoy the sites.

I loved hearing little A from the backseat as we drove to Parker Days tell us "We go to the fair now."  And as we pulled into the lot and could see the rides from afar he clapped his hands with delight and excitement.  He is such a sweet little guy.

Buffalo Mountain Weekend Away

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Our dear friends are moving to Texas and before they go they are spending the month of June in their mountain home.  We were invited to come spend some quality time with them and get away from the bustle of the city.

There was an airshow over Lake Dillon, so we walked/hiked over to the beach, threw rocks, and watched some of the planes from afar. We also spent time eating hot dogs, burgers and brats, swimming in the pool and roasting s'mores.  

The fresh air and mountains views, complimented by some time with friends was just what I needed.

Growth and Change

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Spring is a rebirth following the cold and darkness of winter. We are slowly entering the summer season, with the changes brought this past spring still weighing heavily on our hearts.  We are like perennials, growing more each season.  Our roots growing deeper, but as we grow we are more exposed to the elements. More surface area is covered by the heavy weight of snow or rain, finding comfort from the hot sun is more difficult as we grow past what used to provide shade, but with the change also comes more beauty. We grow and change and strengthen.  We bloom more hearty blossoms, fuller and brighter each passing year.

Daily Glimpse: Apr 20-24 - The last one

Monday, June 8, 2015

This is the last of the daily glimpse posts.  It may return sometime in the future, but I decided at the end of April that the project wasn't bringing me joy, and instead my heart was beginning to be pulled in other directions to meet other needs.

Last Day of School 2014-2015

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Last August our little guy started on his school journey. This past week on Monday he had his last official day in the classroom for the school year, and wrapped things up on Tuesday with a class picnic.

Over the past year we have seen such amazing progress from our little guy in all areas of development.  And it seems like he also may have grown a foot?!

The little guy will get go to summer school for 8 days throughout the summer.   I know he will be excited to see his favorite teachers and also to ride the school bus those couple of days.

The summer will fly by, and I'm already struggling to think it is June.  The next school year starts in early August, so for the next two months we will be trying to soak in the longer days, relax a little more and focus on having fun.