Eggciting Egg Dying

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

This was the first year we dyed eggs.  I thought about it last year, but I just don't think I had my act together in time, and to be honest the little guy probably could have cared less.  This year he is so in love with art projects that painting and dying eggs was really exciting.  We only had one egg out of the dozen crack when being boiled, but unfortunately I think like 4 more eggs got cracked in the process of dying.

We used classic PAAS dyes in the cups which were great and worked really.  We also had these little q-tips that you could paint with, but those were actually really worthless and very messy.  The little guy got his hands covered in dye and it stuck around for a full day before a long play-filled bath soaked the color off.  The one thing I need to remember is to get more plastic table clothes from the dollar store.  It worked greater to put down and then simply roll up and toss with very little cleanup.  (Little photographer note would be to get white ones to prevent a blue color cast that was in most of the photos.)

I'm already looking forward to many more egg dying years ahead.

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