Deep Belly Laughs

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

In honor of April Fool's Day, I thought I would post a few things that the little guy has said lately that have made us laugh out loud.


The scene: The slide is in the house, and the little guy decided to take his pants and under-roos off while I was on a phone call.

Me: (Hanging up the phone as he climbs on the slide) You don't want to go down that without your pants on.

A: Hehe (slides down, begins to cry). Mommy, I broke my butt.


The scene: Sam's Club, we got an Icee as we were leaving.

A: For me, please.

Me: (Pass him the Icee in the car to take a sip.)  Can Mommy have that back buddy?

A: No, mine please.

Me: Can't you share Mommy's drink with her?

A: No thanks.

...Next time at Sam's we are leaving...

A: Mommy, two Slurpees. Get one myself. (Indicating that he wants one of his very own this time).


Anyone that knows me knows I don't like fart jokes...

A: I toot (laughter).


A: Your hair is poppin'.  Your hair is nice.


Lately, he has been doing this odd little "huh?" when asked if he wants something and the answer is yes.

Me: Do you want a banana?

A: Huh (eyes light up and his head turns to the side)?

Me: Do you want a banana?

A: Ok!


The scene: I'm in the kitchen cooking dinner, Jason isn't home from work yet, A is out in the backyard playing.

A: Mommy! Mom.. Oh no.  Mom.  Mommy, I'm stuck.

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