A Cause for Celebration

Friday, April 3, 2015

Every child has their own pace.  Every child develops differently.  Every child has their own personality.  Being a parent of a child with developmental delays is tough.  There are lots of reasons for concerns, but there are also glorious moments of small victories along the way that are a great cause for celebration.

The day your child says "by myself" to climb into the chair at the dining room table.

The day your child says "no hands" as he climbs the staircase.

The day your child climbs up the slide backwards.

The day your child is taking deep breaths when recognizing an escalating frustration level.

The day your child willingly sticks his tongue out.

The day your child actually lets you wipe their nose.

The day your child confidently crosses the wobbly bridge on their own at the playground.

The day your child slips his hands into gloves.

The day your child is able to climb into their carseat on their own.

The day your child pulls the hood of their jacket up over their head.

The day your child eats a new food for the very first time.

The day your child spontaneously tells you what they need or want.

They day your child answers a question at the pause in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

The day your child shyly says "help, please" instead of throwing themselves to the ground.

The day you come to understand everything will be alright.  The day you recognize that each child has their own pace, their own milestone schedule and their own loving, humorous, spectacular personality.  The day you come to understand that TODAY is cause enough for celebration.  The day you choose joy.

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