Friday Favorites

Friday, April 10, 2015

In the spirit of loving what we live, here are some of the favorite things I'm loving right now.

Favorite recent picture: Seriously, that cheesy grin, pure joy.

Favorite recent read: I got sucked into a four book series by Jenny B. Jones after downloading the first book free.  It was a really cute and fun read about a girl named Katie Parker.  Her mom is in jail and she is sent to a foster family who loves deeply, is a little crazy, and provides Katie with the family she never had.  I enjoyed following Katie's story through all four books.

Favorite show: I just love Jane the Virgin on the CW.  It is such a cute comedy.  Reminds me some of Ugly Betty from a few years, and I loved that too.

Favorite take-to-work breakfast: My go-to meal for the past few weeks has been a chia pudding.  Combine 2 1/2 tablespoons chia seeds, 1 cup almond milk, 1 teaspoon honey, dash of cinnamon, 4 sliced strawberries in a mason jar, shake to mix and leave to set over night in the refrigerator.

Eggciting Egg Dying

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

This was the first year we dyed eggs.  I thought about it last year, but I just don't think I had my act together in time, and to be honest the little guy probably could have cared less.  This year he is so in love with art projects that painting and dying eggs was really exciting.  We only had one egg out of the dozen crack when being boiled, but unfortunately I think like 4 more eggs got cracked in the process of dying.

We used classic PAAS dyes in the cups which were great and worked really.  We also had these little q-tips that you could paint with, but those were actually really worthless and very messy.  The little guy got his hands covered in dye and it stuck around for a full day before a long play-filled bath soaked the color off.  The one thing I need to remember is to get more plastic table clothes from the dollar store.  It worked greater to put down and then simply roll up and toss with very little cleanup.  (Little photographer note would be to get white ones to prevent a blue color cast that was in most of the photos.)

I'm already looking forward to many more egg dying years ahead.

A Cause for Celebration

Friday, April 3, 2015

Every child has their own pace.  Every child develops differently.  Every child has their own personality.  Being a parent of a child with developmental delays is tough.  There are lots of reasons for concerns, but there are also glorious moments of small victories along the way that are a great cause for celebration.

The day your child says "by myself" to climb into the chair at the dining room table.

The day your child says "no hands" as he climbs the staircase.

The day your child climbs up the slide backwards.

The day your child is taking deep breaths when recognizing an escalating frustration level.

The day your child willingly sticks his tongue out.

The day your child actually lets you wipe their nose.

The day your child confidently crosses the wobbly bridge on their own at the playground.

The day your child slips his hands into gloves.

The day your child is able to climb into their carseat on their own.

The day your child pulls the hood of their jacket up over their head.

The day your child eats a new food for the very first time.

The day your child spontaneously tells you what they need or want.

They day your child answers a question at the pause in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

The day your child shyly says "help, please" instead of throwing themselves to the ground.

The day you come to understand everything will be alright.  The day you recognize that each child has their own pace, their own milestone schedule and their own loving, humorous, spectacular personality.  The day you come to understand that TODAY is cause enough for celebration.  The day you choose joy.

Deep Belly Laughs

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

In honor of April Fool's Day, I thought I would post a few things that the little guy has said lately that have made us laugh out loud.


The scene: The slide is in the house, and the little guy decided to take his pants and under-roos off while I was on a phone call.

Me: (Hanging up the phone as he climbs on the slide) You don't want to go down that without your pants on.

A: Hehe (slides down, begins to cry). Mommy, I broke my butt.


The scene: Sam's Club, we got an Icee as we were leaving.

A: For me, please.

Me: (Pass him the Icee in the car to take a sip.)  Can Mommy have that back buddy?

A: No, mine please.

Me: Can't you share Mommy's drink with her?

A: No thanks.

...Next time at Sam's we are leaving...

A: Mommy, two Slurpees. Get one myself. (Indicating that he wants one of his very own this time).


Anyone that knows me knows I don't like fart jokes...

A: I toot (laughter).


A: Your hair is poppin'.  Your hair is nice.


Lately, he has been doing this odd little "huh?" when asked if he wants something and the answer is yes.

Me: Do you want a banana?

A: Huh (eyes light up and his head turns to the side)?

Me: Do you want a banana?

A: Ok!


The scene: I'm in the kitchen cooking dinner, Jason isn't home from work yet, A is out in the backyard playing.

A: Mommy! Mom.. Oh no.  Mom.  Mommy, I'm stuck.