What I Love About This Season of Life

Friday, March 20, 2015

One of my favorite photographers recently posted about why she is cherishing this season of life, and it really spoke to me as the various seasons of life have been on my heart and on my mind over the last few weeks.  Maybe it is the cusp of the actual changing seasons here as spring slowly rounds the corner, or maybe it is the silent prayers that this season's hardships lighten into the beauty and rebirth of a new season ahead, or maybe it is just watching before my eyes that a season of growth is gracefully moving us into the season to come.

So stealing a page from Lacey's blog, I want to take a minute to record the now, to record what I'm loving in this very season before times slips away and I realize we have moved into the next phase, the next milestones, the next season.

I love your joyous squeals when you see a bridge in the distance.
I love your sweet kisses on my cheeks that end with your whisper of "There, that's better."
I love your tender "I'm sorry mom, mom you ok?" when you know my frustrations run high.

I love that if we ask you where you want to sleep, you always say "Mommy's bed, we watch houses."
I love that you pick me, that we can snuggle and you know my routine is to watch House Hunters before bed.

I love that you still wake up stuck in the holiday season and run to the top of the stairs and declare your disappointment that the tree isn't there, and the has snow has melted.  Christmas is my heart all year long too little buddy.

I love that you still carry a blanket around, and can't sleep without one.
I love recalling memories of you wearing a certain outfit as I pack away your clothes that have become to tight, to short, to small.
I love that as you get dressed in the morning you always let us know that your clothes are "too big" or "too small" even though your clothes fit just right.

I love that no matter what time of the day it is, you will always eagerly say you want to eat chicken nuggets.

I love that on the days I pick you up from school you chatter the whole way home.  That we are finally able to have conversations about your day and what you did.

Really I just love you!

Thanks friends for sticking with my silent posts over the last few months.  This season, that I want to cherish and remember has also been a season with little blogging time.  I've missed it, and hope that as time keeps marching that it brings a season in which I can return with words and photos.

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