True Story

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Last fall at Click Away I roomed with two wonderful ladies, including Krista Lund.  Recently she posted a True Story post on her blog and similarly to how I knew I needed to steal Lacey's idea for my Seasons post, I knew I wanted to borrow Krista's theme for a post here.


So here it goes…
true story I am counting down the days for Maui.

true story I so thankful to have my excitement for blogging and photography return after a season of quiet.
true story I have become obsessed with looking at new homes.

true story I can't wait to go out this summer and spend time paddling boarding.
true story I am thinking that my anxiety might be closely related to what I'm eating for dinner, or then again how much coffee I've been drinking, or really maybe how stressful my day was in the office.

true story I might sometimes pretend to be asleep when the boy wakes in the middle of the night just so Jason will be the one to get up, but those nights I do get up I am so thankful to be able to comfort my boy, cover him back up and kiss him as he fades back to slumber.

true story I love bath salts.
true story I love the act of finishing something, anything from using the last address label on the sheet so the paper can get thrown out, or crossing some nagging item off the to-do list.
true story I love my little family.

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