His Nose Is Buried

Thursday, March 26, 2015

From previous posts about his Bookworm Birthday Party to seeing him in his crib with a favorite book or seeing him with piles of books, my little guy continues to be an avid reader.  It is fun now because he will read to himself, and engages much more with the reading experience.  

We have tried to start reading chapter books, but I think we might wait a few more months for those as he really enjoys the variety reading several books in one evening.  I do love that our books are starting to get a plot and are longer in length though.

A few favorites continue to be Karma Wilson's bear books (thank you to the White family for sharing this well loved bear with us).  The little guy knows these books by heart and helps us read them, even adding his own background story about the bear's expressions.  He is also still enjoying Goodnight Baseball and Goodnight Football.  Pete the Cat will light a fire in his eye, and every time we read a new one will be pulled from the shelves to trigger our imaginations.

I've found the best selection of used children's books to be at the Savers located on C-470 and Quebec for all the locals who are looking to add to their collections. They always have seasonal books for upcoming holidays, a good mix of paperback and hardback, and a really awesome range of age options from picture books, to early readers, to young adult chapter books.  I typically can get about 10 books for under $5.00, so every few weeks we make a stop to see if there is anything we want to buy.  The great thing with the used purchases is if we don't find some new ones we love, we can always pass them on to friends or donate them back again.

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