Sunday Morning

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weekends are for family.  Weekends are for adventures.  Weekends are for saying yes more and no less.  

After traveling it felt so good to be reunited with my little family and those feelings called for a breakfast celebration.  A breakfast where we could go with sleep still in our eyes and little boy pj pants still being worn.  We went for donuts.  I love the opportunity to build excitement for the little things, I love putting energy behind outings.  I love that my positivity is so quickly reflected in little arms flying high as squeals of "donuts" echo in the garage.

Given my strong interest in photography, it doesn't surprise me that my little guy is curious about it.  I let him explore that curiosity by looking at the playback screen, looking through the viewfinder or by getting to push the special button while mom holds the camera.  At breakfast he reached across the table making eye contact with me for approval and then pushed the button over and over and over.  The majority of the pictures were out of focus, or included too much arm, but in the bunch there were a few selfies that I'll treasure.

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