L-e-t-s G-O, Let's Go! Let's Go!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

After our terrible experience at the Rockies game, we knew we wanted to start small for our next sports related outing.  It was a beautiful Saturday morning when we headed up to the high school for a JV football game.  My parents were able to join us.  It was so low key, without any built up expectations, which was just perfect.  We stayed sitting under a shady tree, cheering on the team, for about 40 mins.  The little guy had a great time, and it was just the right amount of stimulation.  I personally love high school sports and watching the teenage dynamics.  Listening to the cheers took me back to the days when I would stand on the rubbery track chanting, cheering, stunting, jumping and showing my spirit.

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