A Beautiful Growing Experience - Click Away Part 3

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

On the second day of the conference, we got up just as early, and headed to hear Joy Prouty speak.  Going into her keynote, I knew her and her family had sold their belongings, and traveled the country for a year in their trailer.  A trailer packed with 4 kids and 2 adults.  What I didn't know is her words would change me.

Her challenge was simple, to Dream Big.  In her talk she shared so much of herself, and I even made the decision to purchase the recording of her talk just to be able to share it with Jason and to hear it all again.  She spoke right to my heart.

Sometimes you don't see the gifts you give others because you are too wound up in yourself.

We were more about keeping the kids busy than intentionally playing with the,.

My head was so busy with distractions, I couldn't hear God's voice.

We were putting off our happy life.  We had to do it - take the leap, or the enemy would step in and the voices would say you are crazy.


When was the last time you were doing a handstand in the setting sun not because of a photo shoot or a forced happy moment, but because your heart was so full and happy you couldn't stand still?

People love to criticize people who are Brave.  When you do something joyfully people love to tear that down.

If we are taking time for our kids we better do it for a purpose.

If you book yourself solid you have no time to do what moves you.

I want our children to know we chose them first.

Be still rather than make noise to fill the space.

Inspire means to breathe life in, breathe it in.

Let your heart be brave.

Joy shared the above image of her children's bucket lists.  Her child wrote:
1. I want to become a kitten
2. I want to have 500 baby chickens
3. I want to touch the stars
5. I want to name a new type of berry

Don't we all just want to be the kitten and touch the stars?  Don't we all just have big hopes and even bigger dreams.  I love that Joy made me question so much.  I knew I would be returning from being gone from home for 4 days, to only have to run off to a weekend work meeting, and I knew in those moments that I need to start prioritizing my dreams and working toward living the life that I know Jason and I want our family to live.  So much of it is still percolating in my mind, I'm trying to sort through a lot of emotions and figure out what is the course for us.  What I do know is we are talking about our dreams and giving our hopes little spaces to start to flourish.

I captured some other photos throughout the day during a photo walk.  We went over to Temple Square with a few stops along the way.  We practiced capturing sun bursts and flares given that we were taking a photo walk at the noon hour.

The day wrapped up with listening to Karen try to get through 100 tips in 90 minutes.  Needless to say we gathered together for an extra 90 minutes to get through all her awesome material.  After the classes ended for the day a group of us went over to Cheesecake Factory for some drinks and dinner.

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