A Beautiful Focusing Experience - Click Away Part 4

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The last day of the photography conference I woke up early even though there wasn't a keynote that morning.  I ventured off to get breakfast and coffee only to find that the pastry shop didn't open for another thirty minutes after I got there.  I knew I needed a few minutes to myself to help digest the things I had been learning and experiencing; the little piece of introvert that lives inside me needed space and attention.  

I walked back over to Temple Square while I waited for the breakfast place to open.  I got to watch the sun rise over the mountains and light up the Temple.  The grounds were so beautiful in the crispness of the morning.  It was so quiet at that hour.  Later in the day I knew it would be flooded with hurried people and tourists (the previous day there were 52 weddings at the Temple, on a weekday no less).  I leisurely strolled, taking in the sunlight washing over the buildings and the stillness of the reflection pool.  I watched the moon begin to set.  I studied the light on the changing leaves.

It was the perfect kind of quiet that I needed.  A moment of focus.  A moment to let my soul start to dance and mind start to dream.

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