A Beautiful Bee Experience - Click Away Part 1

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I'm stilling working through so much of the experience last week in Salt Lake City.  It was a beautiful weekend of learning and growing and I'm finding it had to capture all of that in words.  I had the opportunity to meet a group of generous and gorgeous women who share the common connection of taking Karen Russell's Snapshots of a Good Life workshop.

To kick off the long weekend, when I landed, I met up with three other ladies and enjoyed a really great lunch before picking Karen up at the airport too.  We drove to Logan, where we would be gathering together for a lovely evening of meeting, eating and mingling.  The leaves had started to turn, the air had a crispness and the sky was the richest shade of blue.  Lisa and Dean were so kind to open up their house to more than 30 of us.  We also had the chance to meet the bees behind Jiggystick.

I would be lying to say I wasn't scared to put on that bee suit and go out to the box.  And, even though that fear kept me at the edge of safety, it was so amazing to see thousands of those bees working together.  It was a beautiful blessing to have Dean and Lisa share that experience with us before the dinner started.

The weekend before we arrived in Utah, they had their annual Honey Day.  After the dinner wrapped we sampled the freshly spun sweetness.  It was incredible how different the honey is between hives.  Some honey was thicker and darker, some lighter and more syrupy.  Some honey had trace tastes of herbs, some had a sweet tartness.  Those bees are amazing and my respect for their work soared while hearing from Dean how the colony works, from the life of a queen, to the death of the drones.

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