Weekend Adventure: Morrison Natural History Museum

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sometimes our adventures are busts.  We decided to head to the foothills for a few hours of fun.  We started with driving up to Tiny Town, however we got up there and it was only 67 degrees with heavy, heavy winds.  We decided that we would save Tiny Town for another day because the cool mountain wind would not have been fun for any of us.  We then headed into Morrison to go the Morrison Natural History Museum.  I had purchased a deal for admission to this museum on Living Social, and had read really great things about it on Yelp.  However, let me be the one to say this is not the place to take a toddler who doesn't have a huge passion for dinosaurs, or have the patience to listen to a teenage tour guide.  Our little wild child wanted to stomp on the old wood floors making a musical ruckus, wanted to touch all the dinosaurs, and wanted nothing to do with listening to anyone talk about history.  We were in and out in about ten minutes.

So, like I said, sometimes our adventures are busts, but it also makes for magical weekends feel even more magical.

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