Learning to Fly

Friday, July 25, 2014

A few ramblings written on Wednesday.

I used to always take a journal on the plane with me when I traveled.  Now that I tend to spend flights working on some upcoming presentation, client report, or last minute deadline I spend less time ideal time  looking out the window at the patchwork quilt endless farms create when you are 30,000 feet above the earth.  You can't disconnect anymore – the wifi connection is always available.  And it even seems like we reach 10,000 feet even more quickly than when I was a teenager waiting to turn on my disc man once we reached an appropriate altitude.

Today I watched the sunrise on a flight south to Houston on my way to Austin, and watched the sunset on the same side of the plane as a I headed home in the opposite direction back to my family.  Fortunately, on this flight I was able to push off those looming deadlines and catch up on some thinking time.  As I plugged in my head phones and listened to Jason Mraz strum along to the thoughts swimming around in my mind, his song Love is a Four Letter Word came on and it is as if he was singing right to me…"In life your gonna go far. If you do it right, you'll love where you are."

As I think of my little family that will be sleeping as I walk into the house tonight, I think I must be doing something right.  I can envision my sweet boy, from those softly closed eyes with long lashes to chubby toes sticking out from underneath a favorite blanket, and sticky sweat creating baby ringlets form along his forehead, covered in a thin veil of shadows cut by the contrasting hallway lights.  He and his daddy are my people.  They humble me, they make me stronger, they push me, they pull me back in.  They are who I dream for, they are who I work for, and they are who love me just as fiercely in return.

It feels our little family is at a crossroads in many different ways as we decide our next course and path and begin to navigating new journeys.  There are new dreams waiting to be discovered, new bucket lists to be created, and overall it feels that a new season is waiting to take flight.  From the girl that is so typically change adverse, I feel that there is something so exciting ahead.  I'm ready to fly.  

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