Kids Were Here - July

Sunday, July 27, 2014

At the end of each month I'll be taking part in a "Kids Were Here" blog circle.  The goal is to capture a childhood well lived without little AB actually being in the photo.


The windows never stay clean long before little hands are drawn like magnets.

The table seems never to be free of dishes or spilt milk.

Books seem to jump off shelves by themselves littering our living room floor.

Backyard toys seem to linger on the grass unless the lawn is being mowed.

And, with the routine of cleaning up, picking up and putting away, my heart is never empty.  It is full of moments of the life we are living and loving.


Now, please continue on with the circle and visit Tracey | Our365.Wordpress.Com to see what she captured this month.


  1. Love these captures!! They all look EXACTLY like my house. Great interpretation :)

  2. Such a great post! Your pictures totally remind me of the little messes in my house. (Your final words are so beautiful too.) :)