Weekend Adventure: Mountain Getaway Part 5

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Who would have thought that I would take so many photos in a matter of just over 24 hours in the mountains.  We had such a great time up in the mountains, and I'm just so thankful for good friends.  After our hike we went over to the marina to play on the playground and then had lunch over at Pug Ryan's brewery.

Getting back into the city could be several posts too, as it took just over 3 hours to make it home with the tunnel construction.  We knew what to expect so I was able to remain patient, however, I urge you if you head to the mountains this summer to plan to either leave first thing on Sunday morning, or even stay an extra night and head home early Monday morning.

You can read about our adventure on Rachel's blog too - aren't they the greatest?!  (From time to time, she posts some really great kids activities that include sensory experiences that I replicate at home with our little guy).

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