Parker Days 2014

Saturday, June 14, 2014

We've thought about going to Parker Days the past few years but it is tough with Father's Day and Birthdays in the mix to make it over there.  This year in the spirit of crossing things off the Summer Bucket List, I prioritized it high (even if only in my mind) and made sure that we got to the fair.

It was hot, and even though we got there at about 5:30, the sun was still high enough in the sky that we felt toasty.  I loved how All-American it seemed.  The buskers, the carnies, the vendors, the rides and of course the fried food.  

We shared some corn dogs and curly fries, followed by a funnel cake.  And we polished off two huge glasses of fresh lemonade.  All I kept thinking about was the rat, Templeton, from Charlotte's Web who goes nuts after the fair closes for the night.

I loved listening to the shrills from people on the rides, and taking in the crowds.  It was such a great evening.

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