Memory Keeping Monday: Grab Bag of Ideas

Monday, June 23, 2014

I have a few other memory keeping posts that are currently in the works, so today I'm just compiling a few random ideas and throwing a post up.

I have been an avid reader of my favorite bloggers for years now, and I love when they share their fun ideas.

Every year Karen Russell prints off photos from the year and lets each of kids create a photo album of their favorites.

Ali Edwards of course has many memory keeper ideas, but two of my favorites include December Daily and her Day in the Life projects.  Both of which I've played along with - you can see a few December Daily posts, and my recent Day in the Life post.

I have also created a photo album through Shutterfly doing a Weekend in the Life following Ali's inspiration.

Another fun idea I actually heard of through Karen Russell's photography workshop was using Printstagram to make mini square prints (of Instagram photos, or others) and then string them together to make a Christmas tree garland of your favorite images from the year.  It would be fun to have a collection of these down the road.

Of course there is the popular Project Life from Becky Higgins.  I've been a fan of her work since my early days of scrapbooking.

And I love the idea of creating a conversation book featuring photos and quotes from your children as showcased recently on Young House Love.  I hope to start capturing more of Anders voice as his voice grows.  I know my mom kept miscellaneous quotes from my youth, how fun would a bound volume of them be with pictures?!

See the posts in this series on MyPublisher mini books and Gallery Walls.

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