Perfect Napping Spot

Thursday, May 29, 2014

It generally doesn't matter where we are headed, or how long the drive might be.  His favorite napping spot is the car.  We turned his car seat forward facing on Memorial Day.  The new view didn't seem to be anymore exciting since it certainly didn't keep him from napping on our drive.  I love watching that precious little guy snoozing.  He has his favorite blanket tucked on his lap and buried underneath that blanket was his favorite football.

I have to add that it was a pretty big mommy conflict on if it was necessary to turn him.  I know the recommendations on leaving a child rear facing, and at two and half he could have stayed that way, but we were ready.  And now that he is forward facing, he is a such a little conversationalist.  We talked the entire drive home from school, my heart was full.  I love him.

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  1. I Saw your post link on Bower Power. A lot of the recent sleeping pictures I have of my Little Miss are of her resting in the car. I am so glad no one goes photo crazy on me when I am sleeping in the car, right?