Day in the Life - May 8th

Friday, May 9, 2014

I've seen a few posts on blogs I read with their recent Day in the Life photos.  I realize I haven't captured a day in our lives since last March.  And, then I realize I don't think I've ever captured a work day, only a weekend.  The thought of snapping the day quickly slips to the back of my mind as the to-do list seems to loom closer.  But, I was getting ready for bed on Wednesday night, and thinking about Ali Edwards' post asking readers to play along on May 8th, I decided maybe it would give me a chance to post something other than what has become routine on the blog.


Here is how May 8th looked:

The alarm starts sounding just after 5:00.  After a night of storms, and restless sleep, I hit snooze one too many times.  I finally crawl out of bed, get dressed, and kiss the husband goodbye for the day as he still gets to slumber a little while longer.  I peek in on my sleeping boy from the hallway as to not stir him.  I head downstairs, put together the little guy's lunch (which today consisted of leftover pasta from the night before, applesauce, black olives, cheese and crackers and a nutrigrain bar).  I make a cup of coffee and head out the door for my commute.  Typically I catch the train into the office, but today had a client meeting that required I drive in.

Traffic was light and I made it into the office in about 30 mins.  It is a toss up if I'm the first into the office.  I brew a big pot of coffee and make my morning oatmeal.  I settle into my routine while I eat by checking emails, reading a few blogs and looking over the calendar for the day.  I debate having more coffee, but settle on a cup of peppermint tea.

With a day of stacked meetings, I had only minute to heat up some leftovers and ate at an internal meeting.  After a few more meetings, I headed to my car and drove to a client meeting to talk a little about program opportunities.  It was a really good meeting with a lot of potential, so I left feeling really good.  The great thing about the meeting is it also allowed me to head straight home.  It was raining as I pulled out onto Colfax right by the main Children's Hospital campus.  I'm just amazed at how much building is going on over there with all of the hospitals.

I picked up my little guy and we chatted about his day on the way home.  We got home and of course he had yanked his shoes off as I snapped his picture in the car.  I got him out while I grabbed the mail and he danced around in the rain and the garage with just his socks on, leaving little footprints across the cement.

Jason got home shortly after us and we finished getting dinner on the table, while the little guy got to watch half of a Mickey Mouse.  The school sends home a daily email with pictures and it has become one of the things we check while we cook, and talk.  Today's theme at school was construction equipment and machines.

After dinner we turned on the football draft, played football and the favorite game of "Tackle" where the little guy comes running while screaming "Tackle" wanting to wrestle.

We took him up to change into PJs (which happened to be Santa footie PJs - I will miss footie PJs when he outgrows them).  The boys had a few laughs on the changing table and then we settled into story time.  We read a few books, gave a last round of hugs and slipped out of the room.

I wrapped up my night by reading some emails, checking Facebook, and taking a long, hot bath.  Then I decided to save editing photos for another night and slipped into bed to watch House Hunters before falling asleep.

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