Perfect Napping Spot

Thursday, May 29, 2014

It generally doesn't matter where we are headed, or how long the drive might be.  His favorite napping spot is the car.  We turned his car seat forward facing on Memorial Day.  The new view didn't seem to be anymore exciting since it certainly didn't keep him from napping on our drive.  I love watching that precious little guy snoozing.  He has his favorite blanket tucked on his lap and buried underneath that blanket was his favorite football.

I have to add that it was a pretty big mommy conflict on if it was necessary to turn him.  I know the recommendations on leaving a child rear facing, and at two and half he could have stayed that way, but we were ready.  And now that he is forward facing, he is a such a little conversationalist.  We talked the entire drive home from school, my heart was full.  I love him.

Road Game

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

For Memorial Day we packed up the t-ball set and hit the road to spend the day up at Jason's parent's house.  The day was so beautiful.  A little on the warm side, but the shade of the trees made for a perfect relaxing backdrop to a serious game of ball.  Grandpa Steve fielded fly balls, line drives and "bunts" and then helped to reset the tee each time.

Dirt is Like a Magnet

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

He is drawn to the dirt.  A garden, a sandbox, a pile, a potted plant.  He has this crazy sense of just where to find it and immediately begins to run his plump fingers through pebbly grains.  I love seeing the grit underneath his petite finger nails.

Princess Caribbean - Part 3: A Few Final Grand Turk Photos

Sunday, May 25, 2014

I am never good with picking "favorite things."  I always draw a blank when someone asks what my favorite movie, or favorite song is, and I want to list like 10.  I guess the same stands true for photos.  I couldn't just make one simple post of photos from our trip since I had a hard time narrowing the couple hundred photos I took to even just the top 50 from the trip.  So here are a few more photos to wrap up my series on our recent trip to Grand Turk.

Princess Caribbean - Part 2: Grand Turk Hop-on Hop-Off Tour Excursion Review

Saturday, May 24, 2014

When we were planning our trip we weren't sure what to expect about Grand Turk.  I'm only very conservative when traveling and tend to not want to just wander alone when I can't find much about a destination.  Some people suggested renting scooters or golf carts, but we opted to take the Hop-On, Hop-Off bus around town.

We were scheduled to get on the bus at 9:35, but were able to fit on an earlier departure and left the cruise terminal at 9:10.  The little bus fit about 16 people I would guess, and it was just a micro-van type bus, which was pretty old.  On the way to the first stop we ended up closer to the back of the bus, which I quickly fixed by sitting next to the drive all on other stops which gave the best view and tended to not be a seat anyone else wanted.

The bus stops at five points: 2 downtown stops, the lighthouse, the salt museum, Governor's Beach and then heads back to the Cruise Terminal.  A bus comes to each stop about every 20-30 mins.

We got off at the first stop (which is really only about 3 blocks from the second stop) and walked around a few little stands.  We bought a couple bottles of water and Jason picked up a local Turks Head Beer.  We also paid $3 each to go into the Prison Museum.  It was a pretty basic old building with some historical stories.  While we were there we were privileged to see a funeral procession which included a marching band.

We walked down to the second stop to get picked up and taken to the Lighthouse.  Across the island are wild horses and donkeys.  They seem to have found a home at the Lighthouse and were scattered across the property.

After that we took the bus over the salt ponds to learn about the history of the island.  We purchased some cooking salts from their gift store.

The last official stop is at the Governor's Beach.  They have a beached boat (which I need to figure out if it was truly a ship wreck, of just placed for tourists) which made for a good snorkeling spot  You can do some shore snorkeling and see some decent sea life.

After the beach, we hopped back on the bus and went to the Cruise Terminal to have lunch before getting back on the ship.

I certainly think the hop-on, hop-off bus was a good value, as I don't believe we could have arrange a taxi for the same price.  That said, if we were to do it again I would have agreed with Jason to rent a golf cart since the island is so small, so safe, and so friendly.  It would have given us a chance to stop for more pictures, and to pull over at random to enjoy the views.

See Part 1 for more images from our trip to Grand Turk.

Princess Caribbean - Part 1: The Sights of Grand Turk

Friday, May 23, 2014

I've been very fortunate to experience several Caribbean islands, and I have to say that Grand Turk is the first place the pulled me in a way that made me say "I could move here."  It was a quiet, little island that seems lost in time.  It hasn't been commercialized, the people are friendly, and of course the water is the most beautiful color.

We spent most of the entire day exploring the island, which is only 7 miles long and about 1.5 miles wide.  So really a few hours lets you see the entire thing!  Tomorrow I'll put up a post reviewing the actual excursion we booked through Princess cruises, but in the meantime I wanted to share a few snapshots so you can see why I would seriously think about how I could manage to move my family to this fantastic island.

I have to also show the sweet potcake pups, which is a mixed-breed island dwelling dog named after the food the locals fed them.  These lazy, island dogs were all huddled under a car taking a long snooze in the shade.  Not a single one stirred as I leaned in to take their photo.

Princess Caribbean - Days at Sea

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our cruise had two days at sea, one on each side of our stop in Grand Turk, which for me meant a total chance to unwind.  We spent a lot of time reading on the balcony, laying at the pool, watching the sun set (which you can tell by the countless sunset photos I took), stuffing our faces on delicious food, going to comedy shows and crossing our fingers we would win big in the casino.

Of course I had to pass my camera off to have someone capture a picture of the two of us.  I probably should have just passed over our iPhone because my big camera is a tough one to use if you aren't familiar with a DSLR.  But, terrible focus still means many happy memories.