Project52 (P52): A Photo a Week for a Year

Sunday, January 5, 2014

A few years back I attempted a P365 - a photo a day for a year - however I think I only made it just under six months before I forgot to take a photo for the day and I let that slip up defeat me.  This year in exploring my hobby differently I've decided to commit to a P52, given that it is much more manageable.  Right now I'm following two different groups for prompts - I'm thinking I'll try to stick with both for the year.  I'm hoping to see progress through the challenge, and take some photos that otherwise might pass by without thought.

This first week of January I was presented with the challenge to take a "selfie."  I figured this would be a no brainer, however taking a self portrait proved to much more difficult.  Nailing focus, getting decent expressions, it was all so hard.  In the end I wasn't super pleased with the result, but figured I learned from the lesson and it was a chance to move on.

The other prompt was "A cup/glass of..."  I snapped a few shots while we were at a brewery in Boulder, BRU, while we tasted some of their delicious ales.

So, stick with over the course of the year as I share some of my results.

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