Kids Were Here - December

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

At the end of each month I'll be taking part in a "Kids Were Here" blog circle.  The goal is to capture a childhood well lived without little AB actually being in the photo.


This month yielded plenty of opportunities to capture HUGE messes, but I found myself tiding up as quickly as possible in order to stay ahead of the avalanche of toys, books and puzzles. 

One thing that I've been finding pretty funny is the little guy's desire to drop toys behind the couch.  Actually, I shouldn't limit this to toys, as it has also included remotes, phones, mail, books, and more.  Move any couch and you are sure to find a few things left behind by little hands, and possibly the echos of "uh-oh" still ringing in your ears.


Now, please continue on with the circle and visit Anna's blog to see what she captured this month.

Letters to My Son - December

Friday, December 20, 2013

I'm taking part in a blog circle with some other fabulous women, where each month I will include a letter to my baby boy along with a few pictures that capture the emotion and love I feel for him.  I hope that you will enjoy this feature as much I have enjoyed the process, and will also take the leap to the next blog in the circle each month.

Dearest Baby Boy,

This month I'm not featuring photos I took which is probably taboo for a photography blog circle, but photos that were taken at your new school by your teachers and I'm so thankful for that.  We made the decision to move you schools recently after having a few concerns with your last daycare and we have been so pleased with our decision.  You are learning and growing so much each day, and we just love your new teachers.

 Your new school emails us home a daily report that outlines all of your activities and best of all, the daily report includes several photos that were taken throughout your day.  As a mom I'm so happy to see those glimpses into your daily routines, and as a lover of documentation, of photographs, of memories, my heart beats faster just thinking that we have this record of your preschool days.

 I love seeing you experience new crafts, play on the playground, read with your little friends, all while smiling and being mentally and physically challenged, while being emotionally supported.  You come home each day so tired, but seemingly so fulfilled.

Keep learning, keep growing and I'll just be here loving you all along the way.


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December 1st: Kicking off the Advent Season

Sunday, December 1, 2013

This year in addition to December Daily, I have created a list of daily activities for the little guy.  My hope is that this becomes an annual tradition and helps us celebrate the season together.  I purchased an advent calendar from Bronner's that I can put a slip of paper in each day that includes our activity.  

For December 1 we opened up a felt Christmas tree to put on the wall.  I really thought that this would be hit, but so far the tree has been played with more by me than the boy.

I'll let you in on the secret of the other activities since I'm sure you won't spoil the surprise.

2. Christmas Coloring Book
3. Donate a Toy to a Child in Need
4. Holiday Mickey Mouse Play Pack
5. Play with Jingle Bells and Sing Songs
6. Make a Tissue Paper Wreath
7. Go Look at Christmas Lights
8. Make Penguin Ornaments
9. Christmas Matching Game
10. Create a Cotton Ball Santa Hat
11. Open a new Christmas toy (Little People Christmas Train)
12. Put up Window Clings
13. Make Pipe Cleaner Candy Canes for Christmas Tree
14. Play with Christmas Stickers
15. Jumbo Coloring Activity Book
16. Watch Fireman Sam Holiday Heroes
17. Make Paper Plate Snowman
18. Go See Santa
19. Watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas
20. Decorate Christmas Cookies
21. Watch Charlie Brown's Christmas
22. Decorate a Gingerbread House
23. Donate Food to those in Need
24. Make Reindeer Food and Leave Cookies for Santa