Banner Day: DIY Burlap Banner

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I've been feeling a little crafty lately - generally the change in weather does that as we spend more time at home.  I have also been having the itch to decorate for the holidays.  I loved a burlap banner that Pottery Barn carried, and decided I should set out to make something similar.

We stopped one night at Hobby Lobby and I purchased one yard of burlap, some stencils, and some craft paint, all for about $15 (a fraction of the cost the Pottery Barn banner would have been).  This past weekend, I was able to sneak some time in to create my sign while the baby napped and the husband chatted with his parents that were down for a visit.

I cut out small rectangles from the burlap and then spray painted the edges with some leftover bronze spray paint using a cardboard template.  After that dried, I sponged on the letters using the stencils.  I then used some twine we had around the house and threaded it through the burlap. 

Give Thanks DIY Burlap Banner

 I was really impressed with how successful, smooth and quick the project went, so I figured why stop there.  Later that night after the baby went to bed I set about creating a holiday banner as well.  This time I used painters tape and some cardboard as my stencil for the border, dabbed on some circles with my stencil sponge and then stenciled on the letters.  This banner will be nice and cheery for the upcoming season.

Be Merry DIY Burlap Banner for Christmas

I plan to probably make a few more banners with the leftover supplies.  My $15 is probably able to make 6-8 banners depending on the number of characters.  I could see having one for every holiday to hang in our living room (and who knows maybe I need to craft a few for gifts).

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