Top 10 Photography Stocking Stuffers & Inexpensive Gifts

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sometimes the best things about hobbies are they become the perfect source for gift ideas.  If you are needing stocking stuffers for photographers, here are inexpensive gift ideas.

Everyone needs a Lenspen in their camera bag to keep their glass clean and smudge free.

An alternative to the Lenspen is a cleaning cloth.  This Nikon one seems really compact and accessible.

A subscription to a photography related magazine is the gift that keeps giving all year long.  A few that hit my mailbox each month are: Click Magazine, Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography
A person can never have too many memory cards, and then of course you will need a memory card holder.

Another must have is a wireless remote.  Make sure you get one compatible with your camera model.
My camera lens covers can easily become misplaced, having cap keepers are a lifesaver.

Sometimes even the most experienced photographer can take a bad shot.  Having a settings cheat sheet tucked into your camera can be handy to help beginners nail their exposure.
If your gift recipient likes to experiment, but doesn't have the funds for a macro lens, you could gift a set of macro filters.

There are tons of custom white balance tools out there from cheap gray cards to the high end Expodisc.  The Promaster white balance tool is an affordable way to dabble in custom white balance and see if a lens tool is the right tool.

Finally I recommend checking out Photojojo, the Clickin' Moms store, or even Etsy for other photographer gift ideas.  They have everything from coffee tumblers that look like lens, to beautiful art prints of vintage cameras, to toy cameras and accessories.

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