Life + Lens {Changes}

Sunday, September 8, 2013

This month's Life + Lens theme is change.  I typically am change adverse, however when it comes to my sweet boy, I see change everyday in front of me and love every minute of it.  Sometimes the changes are so easy to see, they are milestones reached, and others changes happen in the quiet moments as life keeps marching on.

I love that I can have my phone handy to snap photos and then later can scroll through the endless album.  Funny I found a consistent theme of bath time photos and loved seeing my boy grow in each of those instagram moments.  Although far from technically perfect, these photos are emotionally perfect to me.

And to really see the difference, here is baby's first bath in the hospital.

Please continue on with our blog circle to see Chrissy's take on this month's theme.


  1. Amazing how quickly they grow :)

  2. Oh wow! Look at him grow! These are fun to look at - he looks so happy in those bath photos. I almost did my "changes" blog by comparing after-bath photos of my oldest from a few years ago to just recently! My favorite is the second from the bottom with the colorful toys in the background. So fun!

  3. I tried to comment yesterday on my ipad but I don't think it worked. I love your progression of bath photos!

  4. They grow up way too fast!

  5. love bath shots- so cute with the hair sticking up!

  6. I love these and his smile is amazing!! :)