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Friday, August 30, 2013

When the photography bug first bit me I did a lot of research on the best online photography workshops, and read a ton of reviews on photography courses.  I knew that I wanted something that let me spend the time when I had it, given that enrolling in an evening course just didn't fit the working-mom schedule.

I took Karen Russell's Snapshots of a Good Life photo class earlier this year as an auditing student.  It can probably be to blame for a large surge in my passion for this art.  Karen is a fantastic instructor. You are provided a weekly written and audio lessons as well as a very active forum.  Auditing students are able to participate in the forum, including asking questions, however their assignments to not receive Karen's critique.  Karen does help to set up peer groups so that everyone who would like feedback on their weekly assignments can team up.  The course was so good and I'm looking forward to taking it again and reviewing the materials.

Clickin' Moms

I've taken several breakout sessions through Clickin Moms and have really enjoyed them.  They generally have one or two breakout sessions that are "live" each month, however you can purchase previous breakouts from their store.  They also frequently run sales in the e-learning store.  I also took Intro to Natural Light this summer and thought the materials were very good.  The only down side I experienced with their courses is that auditing students are not able to participate in the forums, and although most courses set up a Facebook group, I found it harder to stay motivated.  I also recommend just being a member of Clickin Moms as their forum is so educational. 

Then just recently I discovered Nichole Van's workshops.  I would highly recommend following her Flourish Emporium on Facebook because she frequently offers discount codes.  I took advantage of a 40% off code to purchase her Perfect Exposure materials.

Finally, I can't personally speak to the course yet, but I have purchased Erin Cobb's Clean Color and have heard outstanding things about it.  It comes recommended by Karen Russell and at the conclusion of her workshop a week is spent on the Clean Color workflow.  I'm hoping this fall to spend some time learning's Erin's editing flow to improve my post-processing.

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