Stroller Trails Near Denver {The Bluffs Regional Park Loop Trail}

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

If you missed my earlier posts about stroller friendly hiking spots near Denver make sure to read about Waterton Canyon and Fountain Valley Trail.

Earlier this summer I was itching to get out and use a new camera lens, so we took a very quick drive over to Bluffs Regional Park, which is just off of Lincoln and I-25.  This park as a 2.7 mile loop trail which boasts great views of the city.  Although we didn't have any trouble with our City Mini, this trail has a few softer spots and does have a pretty good incline at times.  If you are walking this trail in the middle of the summer I would suggest going early in the day, or later in the evening, as the mid-day sun might just bake you on top of the bluff.

And a quick snapshot because, really, can you resist this little, sleepy face?! Gawh, love him.

Access to the trail is free.  To read more about Bluffs Regional Park, visit the Douglas County site: Bluffs Regional Park


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  5. That sleepy face looks sooooooooooo cute! Also, what was the stroller you used?