The Waves in Santa Cruz

Sunday, May 29, 2016

He has been asking to go to the ocean for months.  It was what he really hoped that Santa would deliver.  Well, we finally made it happen, and I know he can't wait to go back.

Larger Than Life

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Last month we went to California for a quick family visit.  The trip was packed solid with activities, but one of the highlights was certainly seeing the big trees.

Last Day of School 2015-2016

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Another year in the books.

This year we have really seen the little guy mature and man has he grown since August.  He must be nearly a foot taller, I swear.  He carries himself with a little more confidence, more strength, more independence, more determination.  

We've reached the cheesy grins - wide mouthed, teethy smiles with eyes closed.  I love it.

Summer breaks are different when you aren't a kid, and they are certainly different in families with two full-time, day-shift working parents, but I can tell you I'm so excited for the summer regardless.  Looking forward to long nights, lots of swimming, cookouts, playing, walks, parks, the list goes on.

And just as quickly as this past year has gone, I know summer will go just as quickly.  It will be tomorrow when we are back on the porch, chalkboard for 2016-2017, but until then, we will live and breath the carefree warmth of summertime youth.

Flashback to 2014-2015 last day of school pictures.

Day In The Life™ Photos + Words | March 2016

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I played along with Ali Edwards yesterday and captured our day in the life.  I only pulled out my iPhone, but would love to challenge myself sometime between April-June to do another day in the life with my dslr.


5:30 AM // My phone alarm went off softly and I hit snooze.  Anders was already snuggled between Jason and I since 4AM.  Slow morning feel.  I got up and crawled into Anders's empty bed to check my email, Instagram and Facebook accounts.  Typically I try to just get up and get going, but again, slow morning feel.

5:40 AM // Turn on our closet light to softly light the room so I can start getting ready.

5:43 AM // Check the weather as I try to decide what to wear.

5:54 AM // Anders wakes up, comes to me as I get ready.  He is sleepy.  He asks me to make him rice.  Very strange request.  I put him back in our bed and turn on The Lion Guard.

6:30 AM // I leave the house.  Stop at McDonald's for an iced coffee as I make my way to the train station.

7:00 AM // Catch the train to work.

7:22 AM // Walk into my messy office.

Day is full of meetings and working on my team's annual performance reviews.  Leftovers for lunch at my desk.  The day feels good.

3:30 PM // We leave the office early to go to a coworker's Goodbye Happy Hour.

5:00 PM // Catch the train home.

5:55 PM // Home starting dinner.  Going through the mail.  Reading about Anders's day at school on his daily recap.  He has a belly ache.

6:15 PM // Eating dinner.  Chicken and rice for him, chicken salads for us.

6:35 PM // Blue eats dinner too.

7:05 PM // Relaxing bath for me while I watch AYITM photo critique.

7:15 PM // Conversations on how we will cover the next day if Anders is sick.  His belly is still hurting.

7:30 PM // PJs on. Thirty mins of the Lego movie in our bed. Fluids.

8:15 PM // Lights out early.  I'm exhausted tonight.

The Good Dinosaur

Saturday, December 12, 2015

It might be a dark and grainy photo, but adventures to the movie theater are becoming a favorite family activity.  We went to see The Good Dinosaur, and although I don't know that it was the best Disney movie, it still was cute and entertaining.  I do think the show was a little dark and scary at a few points.  That said, the little guy hasn't stopped talking about dinosaurs since so the scary parts weren't really a lasting concern.