Mickey Mouse's House - Disneyland

Sunday, December 14, 2014

My one regret from our trip is we didn't get a family photo at Disneyland.  I have a few pictures of the park, but none of us.

We drove down to Disneyland the night before we were going to go to the park and I'm so thankful we did.  We walked through downtown Disney and had a great little dinner, danced to the music and looked at all the toys in the Disney store.  The next morning we got to the park for the rope drop and hopped on a few rides before meeting the rest of the family that came down that morning.

For being October it was HOT, in the 90s.  And lines were long.  Don't kids go to school anymore?  But, that all said, my memories are happy, my heart was full.  And, I already can't wait to go back to see the Mouse again.

A Few Misc. Photos From California

If you ask our little guy what he remembers about vacation, it won't be that he saw Mickey, or that he saw dolphins, or rode on an airplane, or stayed up late.  He will tell you about bridges and horns.  We took the Duffy, an electric boat, out through the channels of the neighborhood and Uncle Ron would honk the horn when we would go under the bridge.  So Santa, if you are reading in December about our October vacation, this is why our little man wants nothing more than a horn for Christmas.

With the time change, our wake up call generally came before the sun rise (and by wake up call, I mean our early riser little boy).  But, the blessing is, we were able to enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the sun rise reflecting off the most incredible stillness on the water.

Santa Cruz Island - Part 2

We anchored out at Santa Cruz island and were able to take the dingy to go do a little exploring of the island.  There were a few other boats out there as well for the night.  We ate like kings while out there, and it seemed as soon as we cleaned up from one meal we were on to the next.  Overall we handled the motion of the ocean pretty well - the little guy got sick only once after doing some reading on the boat ride to the island, and after a restless night of sleep, I needed to keep my eyes closed so that the seagulls didn't get any of my breakfast on the ride back.  It was such a beautiful trip out there, and little A was a very good boy for being limited in how rough and tumble he could be on boat.

Santa Cruz Island - Part 1

As part of my time travel back to October so I can play catch up over the last few months...

Jason's family owns a beautiful boat that they take for frequent summers Alaska and winters in Mexico. We were fortunate enough to have them plan an over night trip for us out to the Channel Islands.  Leaving the harbor Jason's Uncle Ron told us to be on the lookout for dolphins, and I assumed we would see one or two along our route.  I certainly didn't expect dozens to come racing for the boat, dodging in and out of the water.  It was an incredible site.  You could see them coming from a pretty good distance and then they would tag along for a good ten minutes before peeling off to let another pod join in the games.

The Waves

Back in October we took a week long vacation to visit Jason's family in Southern California.  Their home sits on the harbor and is just a few minute walk to the beach.  The waves were so loud, and the little guy loved their power.  I think he has his mommy's heart for the water.  His little squeals were full of delight and he still requests trips to the waves at home.  Unfortunately we can't just pack up the stroller and go.